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PH-160.050-04 Adult Day Health Care Change to "Adult Day Health Programs". = Adult Day Health Care CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-160.050-06 Adult Family Day Care Homes Change to "Adult Family Day Program Homes". = Adult Family Day Care Homes CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-160.050-33 In Home Adult Care Change to "In Home Adult Day Programs". = In Home Adult Care CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-950 Wish Foundation Change to "Wish Foundations". = Wish Foundation CHANGE 01/07/04
TF-085 Catering Services Remove "Bartenders" as a use reference. = Party Catering Services CHANGE 01/05/04
LH-065.025 Assistive Technology Loan Add "Assistive Technology Loan Cupboards" as a use reference. CHANGE 01/05/04
PL-720.850 Toys/Toy Loan Add "Toy Loan Cupboards" as a use reference CHANGE 01/05/04
BR-890 Undesignated Temporary Financial Aid Add "Discretionary Funds" as a use reference. CHANGE 01/07/04
PH-330.275-10 Carpet Cleaning Programs that provide labor and/or supplies for people who need to have their carpets cleaned. CHANGE 01/12/04
BT-450.650-15 Community Dial A Rides Change to "Community Dial A Ride Programs". = Community Dial A Rides CHANGE 01/07/04

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