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NS-800.650 Provincial Health Insurance Health insurance programs administered by provincial Ministries of Health under the Canadian Health Act whose goal is to ensure that all residents of Canada have reasonable access to medically necessary insured services without direct charges. Services covered by the plan include insured hospital services (inpatient and outpatient services such as standard or public ward accommodation; nursing services; diagnostic procedures such as blood tests and x-rays; drugs administered in the hospital; and use of operating rooms, case rooms and anesthetic facilities); physician services and dental surgery which requires hospitalization to perform the procedure. Also included are nursing home intermediate care, adult residential care services and the health aspects of home care and ambulatory care. Additional services such as chiropractic care, optometric services, dental care and prescription drug benefits may be covered in some provinces. Provincial health insurance programs are available to eligible residents of a province who are not covered by other federal or provincial legislation. Insured individuals receive a health card which is used to obtain services. . = British Columbia Medical Services Plan = Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan = New Brunswick Medicare = Newfoundland Health Services Insurance Plan = NWT Health Care Plan = OHIP = Ontario Health Insurance Plan = Provincial Health Card Issuance = Provincial Health Card Renewal NEW 01/29/04
BT-450.495-20 Ferry Services Programs that transport people who are traveling by foot or in a vehicle from one location to another over water. = Ferries = Ferry Boat Services = Water Taxis NEW 02/04/04
YZ-142 Child Abduction Issues Programs that provide information and/or services that deal with the topic of child abduction. = Missing Children Issues NEW 02/02/04
BT-450.495-25 Ferry Terminals Terminals where people who are traveling by foot or in a vehicle can purchase tickets and board ferry boats for their chosen destinations. NEW 02/04/04
YF-300.407 Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura A disorder of unknown origin that is characterized by an abnormally decrease in the number of platelets (which are necessary for clotting) causing hemorrhages. The disease occurs when an individual’s immune system creates antibodies which destroy the platelets in the spleen. Symptoms include bruising, nose bleeds, bleeding gums, heavier than usual menstruation and internal bleeding. See also Hemophilia (YF-300.356). = ITP NEW 02/02/04
BH-300.355-37 Home Rehabilitation/Repair Resource Lists Programs that maintain lists of organizations that provide home rehabilitation/repair services and make copies available to people who make a request. The information may also be provided via an Internet Web site or informally by telephone. NEW 02/03/04
BD-240.260 Grocery Stores Retail markets that sell food and household merchandise. Some establishments may specialize in a particular type of product, e.g., fruits and vegetables or fish. = Grocery Store = Market = Markets = Supermarket = Supermarkets NEW 01/14/04
NL-600.250 Gap Group Nutrition Related Benefits State/provincial or local programs which ensure that low-income people who are ineligible for other nutrition benefits programs have access to supplemental food, nutrition education and other similar resources. Services may be structured for specific target populations including mothers with children who do not qualify for the WIC program and income-eligible older adults. See also WIC (NL-600.950). = MAC = NAPS NEW 02/11/04
LT-665 Palliative Care Programs that provide for the comprehensive management of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs of patients with the objective of helping them achieve the best possible quality of life through relief of suffering, control of symptoms and restoration of functional capacity while remaining sensitive to personal, cultural and religious values, beliefs and practices. The focus of palliative care is on people with incurable, progressive illnesses who are in the early stages of their illness. Palliative care may be provided in a wide variety of health care settings including hospitals, nursing facilities, hospice facilities and the person's own home; and may be coordinated with other services including curative therapies. See also Hospice Care (LT-300). = Comfort Care NEW 02/09/04
BH-500.800 Senior Move Managers Programs that help older adults (and others) who are faced with the prospect of moving from one environment to another (particularly those who are downsizing from a family home and moving to a retirement community or smaller residence) cope with the physical and emotional aspects of making the transition. Move managers plan, coordinate and supervise all aspects of a move. They may help people sort through and organize their belongings and decide what to take; determine and coordinate the disposition of articles that will be left behind; develop a timetable for the move; plan for the placement of furnishings and other items in the new space; identify and contact professionals such as moving companies, estate sales companies, storage facilities and realtors who may be required during the relocation process; provide packing materials; pack the individuals belongings; supervise the activities on moving day; and unpack and set up the new home according to the person’s wishes, hanging pictures, making beds, connecting electrical appliances and, overall, making the new environment immediately livable. NEW 02/05/04

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