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LH-065.025 Assistive Technology Loan Add "Assistive Technology Loan Cupboards" as a use reference. CHANGE 01/05/04
PL-720.850 Toys/Toy Loan Add "Toy Loan Cupboards" as a use reference CHANGE 01/05/04
TF-085 Catering Services Remove "Bartenders" as a use reference. = Party Catering Services CHANGE 01/05/04
BR-890 Undesignated Temporary Financial Aid Add "Discretionary Funds" as a use reference. CHANGE 01/07/04
BT-450.650-15 Community Dial A Rides Change to "Community Dial A Ride Programs". = Community Dial A Rides CHANGE 01/07/04
PH-950 Wish Foundation Change to "Wish Foundations". = Wish Foundation CHANGE 01/07/04
PH-160.050-04 Adult Day Health Care Change to "Adult Day Health Programs". = Adult Day Health Care CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-160.050-06 Adult Family Day Care Homes Change to "Adult Family Day Program Homes". = Adult Family Day Care Homes CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-160.050-33 In Home Adult Care Change to "In Home Adult Day Programs". = In Home Adult Care CHANGE 01/12/04
PH-330 In Home Assistance Programs that provide assistance in performing routine household, yard and personal care activities for older adults, people with disabilities, eligible needy person, families whose normal routines have been disrupted by an emergency or others who need or want these services. The objective of in-home assistance is to help the recipient sustain independent living in a clean, safe and healthful home environment. CHANGE 01/12/04

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