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TD-110.860 211 Administrative Entities Add "2-1-1 Administrative Entities" as a use reference. CHANGE 04/10/06
TD-110.860 211 Administrative Entities Organizations that work at the state/provincial or regional level in cooperation with the Public Utilities Commission or other similar entity to review applications from local information and referral providers and collaboratives wanting to implement 211 and make a recommendation about those that should be approved. In many areas, the state/provincial or regional information and referral association is also the 211 administrative entity. See also 211 Systems (TJ-300.850), Information and Referral Associations (TN-330). NEW 09/29/04
TJ-300.850-80 211 Collaborative Members Add "2-1-1 Collaborative Members" as a use reference. CHANGE 11/28/05
TJ-300.850-80 211 Collaborative Members Information and referral providers that are involved in a relationship that may include a lead agency and other organizations that are providing seamless access to information and referral services for people who contact 211. Included may be specialized information and referral programs and organizations that provide a related service such as volunteer placement or telephone crisis intervention. NEW 09/29/04
TJ-300.850-85 211 Lead Agencies Information and referral providers that have taken the lead in implementing 211 in their community, generally in collaboration with other organizations that provide some type of information and referral or a related service such as volunteer placement or telephone crisis intervention. In most cases, the lead agency operates the call center to which 211 calls are routed and handles the inquiries directly or forwards appropriate calls to participating collaborative members via call transfer or a menu system that allows inquirers to select the organization they wish to contact. NEW 09/29/04
TJ-300.850-85 211 Lead Agencies Add "2-1-1 Lead Agencies" as a use reference. CHANGE 11/28/05
TJ-300.850 211 Systems A collaborative group of local comprehensive and specialized information and referral providers who have agreed to coordinate information and referral service delivery to provide seamless access to information about community resources via the three digit number assigned for this purpose in the United States and Canada, 211. Depending on the size and nature of the community, 211 systems may consist of only a few organizations that provide information and referral or may include a diverse array of organizations that furnish some type of I&R. Some of these organizations may supply a very specialized type of I&R service (e.g., for people with disabilities or older adults), while others may provide a comprehensive range of assistance. The coordination of all I&R services and programs within a community and, where relevant, beyond, constitutes the 211 system. See also 211 Administrative Entities (TD-110.860). NEW 09/14/04
TJ-300.850 211 Systems Add "2-1-1 Systems" as a use reference. CHANGE 11/28/05
TJ-320.250-85 311 Services Programs that have implemented 311 as a dialing code to help people access non-emergency police and other local government services such as public works, animal control and code compliance. NEW 12/15/05
TJ-4500.0020 3D Printing Public, academic and special libraries or other organizations that offer 3D printing services, a process that creates three dimensional solid objects from a 3D digital model, typically by laying down many layers of material in succession. Users make a virtual design, often a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, of the object they want to create using a 3D modeling application. If making a 3D copy of an existing object, a 3D scanner can be used. The technology is significant because it offers direct manufacturing, i.e., a design that goes directly from the creator to the physical product using a computer and a 3D printer. NEW 02/14/17

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