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YR-1800.9800 Zoroastrians Change to "Zoroastrian Community", YR-9900. Remove "Zoroastrian Community" as a use reference. = Zoroastrians CODE CHANGE 12/11/07
YR-180.980 Zoroastrians Add "Zoroastrian Community" as a use reference. CHANGE 07/26/06
PV-700.650-98 Zoroastrianism Study Groups Programs that provide an opportunity for participants to study and discuss the doctrines and practices of Zoroastrianism, the religion founded by the ancient Persian prophet Zarathushtra (also known as Zoroaster and Zarthosht) which is marked by belief in a single God (Ahura Mazda) and an opposing evil spirit (Angra Mainyu), a cosmic war between good and evil, and the eventual banishment of evil from earth when good triumphs over evil. The founding date of Zoroastrianism is in dispute but it is generally agreed to be not later than 600 BC. Today, the majority of practitioners live in Mumbai (Bombay), India. See also Zoroastrian Fire Temples (PV-650.980). NEW 07/31/06
PV-650.980 Zoroastrian Fire Temples Places where people who practice Zoroastrianism gather to attend religious services. A perpetually burning fire, the Adur Aduran (fire of fires), representing the Light of God, has a central place in the temple and is the focal point of worship services. See also Zoroastrianism Study Groups (PV-700.650-98). = Zoroastrian Houses of Worship NEW 07/31/06
PL-7000.9900 Zorbing Programs that provide opportunities for people to experience zorbing, a recreational activity in which people roll down a hill inside an inflatable, usually transparent, sphere made from PVC. Zorbing originated in New Zealand. NEW 08/22/07
YF-500.530-98 Zoophilia Add "Bestiality" as a use reference. CHANGE 12/12/05
TR-100.980 Zoology/Wildlife Biology Research Programs that conduct research which focuses on animals and wildlife, their origin, behavior, diseases and life processes. Zoology research is usually defined by the animal group studied. Specialties include ornithology (birds), mammalogy (mammals), entomology (insects), herpetology (reptiles) and ichthyology (fish). See also Schools of Veterinary Medicine (HD-600.620-80), Domestic Animal Services (JB), Wildlife Conservation (JD-150.960), Wildlife Exhibitions (PL-640.960), Wildlife Viewing Excursions (PL-760.93), Wildlife Appreciation Societies (PS-820.950), Natural History Museums (TA-550.650), Veterinary Associations (TN-900), Animal Nutrition Research (TR-040.080), Dairy Science Research (TR-040.180), Livestock Research (TR-040.450), Poultry Science Research (TR-040.650). = Animal Sciences Research NEW 02/14/07
YO-800.450-98 Zoologists/Wildlife Biologists Individuals who study animals and wildlife, their origin, behavior, diseases and life processes. Some experiment with live animals in controlled or natural surroundings, while others dissect dead animals in order to study their structure. They also may collect and analyze biological data to determine the environmental effects of current and potential use of land and water areas. Zoologists usually are identified by the animal group studied and include ornithologists (birds), mammalogists (mammals), entomologists (insects), herpetologists (reptiles) and ichthyologists (fish). See also Animal Breeders (YO-020.030), Wildlife Management Personnel (YO-020.230-95), Animal Control Officers (YO-650.040), Animal Related Service Occupations (YO-820.040). = Entomologists = Herpetologists = Ichthyologists = Mammalogists = Ornothologists NEW 06/01/04
JF-600.980-98 Zoning Violations Reporting Programs that accept and investigate reports of instances in which land use is contrary to the provisions of the planning and zoning code for the area. Common zoning violations include illegal garage or living unit conversions, storage of inoperable vehicles on private property, storage of vehicles in front yards (unless in a driveway), storage of commercial vehicles in residential or agricultural zones, the presence of farm animals in residential zones, unlicensed garage sales, fences or walls that violate height requirements, illegal businesses in residential zones, and illegal signage in commercial zones. = Commercial Use of Residential Zones Reporting = Illegal Garage Conversions Reporting = Illegal Signage Reporting = Unlicensed Garage Sales Reporting = Unlicensed Garage Sales Reporting CHANGE 06/22/04
JF-600.980-98 Zoning Violations Reporting Add "Construction Violations Reporting", "Farm Animals in Residential Zone Violations Reporting" and "Inoperable Vehicle Storage Reporting" as use references. CHANGE 04/03/06

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