Recent Changes

The Recent Changes page allows you to see significant modifications in the Taxonomy’s structure and contents that have occurred over time.  Listings include codes, term names, a description, type of change (new terms, changes, code changes and deletions) and the date the revision was made. The Recent Changes field is shared by both U.S. and Canadian locales, so descriptions reference additions and changes relevant in both countries. Those pertaining to only one country are so noted. In order to avoid overwhelming users with unnecessary detail, typo corrections and other minimal changes are not included. Modifications to the Canadian French locale have also been omitted.

You can sort the listings by code, term name, type of change or date by clicking on the appropriate column heading; and then review a description of what has occurred. The black arrow next to the column name indicates which view is being displayed. If you check the Recent Changes regularly, the Change Date is probably the most useful view. Click twice to sort the most recent listings to the top. The default view is alphabetical by term name.

You can limit the list of changes you see by supplying a date range. Enter the dates in the requested format (MM/DD/YY) and click on Refresh. If you keep track of the dates you run updates, you can use the date range feature each time to display only changes and additions you need to process. The short list of changes can also be re-sorted to accommodate the order in which you would like to conduct your review, e.g., by code.

Finally, you can download the following files in PDF format enabling you to print specific changes of interest to you:  Changes by Date, Changes by Type and Changes by Code. Click on the file names to display the files.

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