What's new in 211taxonomy.org version 4?

Changes to code format

The taxonomy code format is changing in two ways: it is gaining a sixth level, and the third, fourth, and fifth levels are gaining an extra trailing digit.

Old format


Fifth-level term before: BT-480.050-06  Airlines

New format


 Fifth-level term after: BT-4800.0500-060  Airlines

       Sixth-level term: BT-4800.0500-060-10  Regional Airlines (fictitious example)

To simplify adoption of this format change, there are no other changes in the taxonomy between the June 2007 update and the July 2007 update.. Also, there are no six-level terms in the July 2007 update. If your software already handles the <oldcode> information, it should process this upgrade automatically. If not, you can change your codes by adding a trailing zero to the third, fourth, and fifth levels.

Changes to XML Schema

The XML schema is changed to support the three new fields for each term, bibliographicReference, comments, and facet. This change is fully backwards-compatible within the rules of XML: a taxonomy.xml file from the last version is valid under the new schema. Conversely, any software which implements the previous schema, and follows standard XML rules, should safely ignore the new fields.

+  <element name="bibliographicReference" type="string">
+    <annotation>
+      <documentation>A list of references which credits sources used 
+                     in writing taxonomy definitions or structuring 
+                     taxonomy sections.</documentation>
+    </annotation>
+  </element>
+  <element name="comments" type="string">
+    <annotation>
+      <documentation>Comments on the term in plain text.</documentation>
+    </annotation>
+  </element>
+  <element name="facet" type="string">
+    <annotation>
+      <documentation>The intended use of the term. Allowable values
+                     are: Service, Target, Organization/Facility
+                     Type, Modality, and Named Program</documentation>
+    </annotation>
+  </element>

Note that the version of the XML schema is separate from the version of 211taxonomy.org; the XML schema version is in the second line of taxonomy.xsd; the website version number can be seen on the bottom of each page on 211taxonomy.org. As 211taxonomy.org upgrades from version 3.0.1 to version 4, the schema is changing from version 6 to version 8.

Canadian Version

211taxonomy.org now incorporates the Canadian taxonomy . Registered users can browse both the American/English taxonomy and the Canadian/English taxonomy, and subscribers can download XML and PDF files for either version. In addition, the Canadian/French version will be forthcoming.

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