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Level 2 Taxonomy Term
YA Agencies/Organizations as Recipients
YB Age Groups
YC Benefits Recipients
YD Caregivers
YE Citizenship
YF Disabilities and Health Conditions
YG Educational Status
YH Ethnic Groups/National Origin
YI Experiencers of Paranormal/Extraterrestrial Events
YJ Families and Individuals Needing Support
YK Family Relationships
YL Income/Employment Status
YM Living Situation/Housing Status
YN Military Personnel/Contractors
YO Occupations
YP Offenders
YQ Organizational/Practitioner Perspectives
YR Religious Groups/Communities
YS Sex/Gender
YT Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity
YV Transients
YW Urban/Rural Location
YX Victims/Survivors
YY Volunteers
YZ Topical Identifiers/Issues

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