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Code External Concept
B01 Alliance & Advocacy (B)
B02 Management & Technical Assistance (B)
B03 Professional Societies & Associations (B)
B05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (B)
B11 Single Organization Support (B)
B12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution (B)
B19 Support N.E.C. (B)
B20 Elementary & Secondary Schools
B21 Preschools
B24 Primary & Elementary Schools
B25 Secondary & High School
B28 Special Education
B29 Charter Schools
B30 Vocational & Technical Schools
B40 Higher Education
B41 Two-Year Colleges
B42 Undergraduate Colleges
B43 Universities
B50 Graduate & Professional Schools
B60 Adult Education
B70 Libraries
B82 Scholarships & Student Financial Aid
B83 Student Sororities & Fraternities
B84 Alumni Associations
B92 Remedial Reading & Encouragement
B94 Parent & Teacher Groups
B99 Education N.E.C.
B90 Educational Support
B80 Student Services

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