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Code External Concept
Y01 Alliance & Advocacy Organizations (Y)
Y20 Insurance Providers
Y02 Management & Technical Assistance (Y)
Y03 Professional Societies & Associations (Y)
Y05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (Y)
Y11 Single Organization Support (Y)
Y12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution (Y)
Y19 Support N.E.C. (Y)
Y22 Local Benevolent Life Insurance
Y23 Mutual Insurance Companies & Associations
Y24 Supplemental Unemployment Compensation
Y25 State-Sponsored Worker's Comp Reinsurance Organizations
Y30 Pension & Retirement Funds
Y33 Teachers Retirement Fund Association
Y34 Employee Funded Pension Trust
Y35 Multi-Employer Pension Plans
Y40 Fraternal Beneficiary Societies
Y41 Fraternal Beneficiary
Y42 Domestic Fraternal Societies
Y43 Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations (Non-Governmen
Y44 Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations (Government)
Y50 Cemeteries
Y99 Mutual & Membership Benefit N.E.C.

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