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Code External Concept
S01 Alliance & Advocacy Organizations (S)
S02 Management & Technical Assistance (S)
S03 Professional Societies & Associations (S)
S05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (S)
S11 Single Organization Support (S)
S12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution (S)
S19 Support N.E.C. (S)
S20 Community & Neighborhood Development
S21 Community Coalitions
S22 Neighborhood & Block Associations
S30 Economic Development
S31 Urban & Community Economic Development
S32 Rural Economic Development
S40 Business and Industry
S41 Chambers of Commerce
S43 Small Business Development
S46 Boards of Trade
S47 Real Estate Associations
S50 Nonprofit Management
S80 Community Service Clubs
S81 Women's Service Clubs
S82 Men's Service Clubs
S99 Community Improvement & Capacity Building N.E.C.

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