Term Community Fridges/Food Cabinets
Code BD-1800.1515
Definition Programs, often established informally, that provide and monitor the use of a refrigerator or storage cupboard in a public space in which anyone in the neighborhood can place food donations, or from which anyone can "take what you need, leave what you can" in the spirit of mutual aid. Donations of other necessities such as personal hygiene items may also be encouraged. Properly storing food is imperative to keeping it safe making it vital that someone is responsible for not only keeping the fridge or cabinet clean, but making sure fridges maintain proper temperature to ensure that the food does not spoil. In some areas, fridge set-ups may be in violation of local health codes, so those willing and able to launch a fridge operation are encouraged to check with the local health department before opening.
Created 5/27/21
Changed 7/29/21
Use References Community Food Cabinets
Community Food Cupboards
See Also References Food Banks/Food Distribution Warehouses (BD-1875.2000)
Food Cooperatives (BD-2400.2500)
Food Lines (BD-1800.1900)
Food Pantries (BD-1800.2000)
Mobile Food Pantry Programs (BD-1800.5000)
External Classification Terms Food (ACH B-01)
Food Banks & Pantries (NTE K31)
Food Distribution (NPC K03.02)
Food/Meals (CAN FO)
Food/Meals (AIRS FO-200)
Free Food Distribution (Food Pantries) (UW
Related Concepts
Facet Service
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