Term Independent Living Communities/Complexes
Code BH-7000.5100-330
Definition Residential facilities, apartments and/or planned communities for older adults, people with disabilities or other populations that are available at market rates and designed to enable those who are eligible to have a form of independent living in a secure environment while sharing common interests and having access to supportive services and a range of activities designed to promote social contact among residents. Occupancy by families with children may be discouraged. Housing varies widely from simple apartments to high rise condominiums to single family detached housing to housing in a congregate setting; and units may be available on a purchase or rental basis. Support usually consists of "convenience services" which may include an on-site activities program, transportation, housekeeping and meals in a communal dining room. Residents who require additional support need to make their own arrangements for personal care, home health care or other in-home services. These facilities generally require no licensing.
Created 1/8/98
Changed 9/29/15
Use References Active Adult Communities
Active Living Communities
Independent Living Retirement Communities
Leisure Adult Communities
Market Rate Age Restricted Communities
Market Rate Age Restricted Complexes
Market Rate Apartments for the Elderly
Market Rate Congregate Living Facilities
Market Rate Senior Apartments
Market Rate Seniors Only Apartments
Residential Living for Seniors
Retirement Communities
Retirement Homes
Retirement Villages
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External Classification Terms Housing (AIRS HO-300)
Housing (CAN HO-300)
Housing Assistance for Special Groups (UW
Living Situation (ACH A-01)
Senior Citizens' Housing & Retirement Communities (NTE L22)
Senior Residential Facilities Programs (NPC P06.04)
Related Concepts Older Adults
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References "Senior Apartment Complexes", California Registry website, http://www.calregistry.com/housing/srapts.htm

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