Term Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing
Code BH-8400.3000
Definition Programs that provide affordable, community-based housing for individuals and families who have experienced long-term or chronic homelessness and have been diagnosed as having a physical or developmental disability, a severe mental illness, substance use disorder problems or HIV/AIDS; or are members of another designated group within the homeless population. Structures may include apartments, single-family houses, duplexes, group homes or single-room occupancy housing. Permanent supportive housing programs generally provide residents with the rights of tenancy under state or local landlord/tenant laws and are linked to services designed to meet residents' needs. Supportive services vary depending on the resident population. Most programs offer some type of case management and housing support, but may also offer more intensive mental health, substance use disorder, vocational, employment or other services which help promote independent living. Supportive services may be offered on-site or off-site, or be provided by a mobile service team and may be available to people with current housing who are at risk of becoming homeless.
Created 4/15/04
Changed 11/19/20
Use References
See Also References Homeless Alternative Housing Developments (BH-7000.4600-300)
Homeless Courts (FC-8200.8100-270)
Homeless Employment Programs (ND-6500.3050)
Homelessness Advocacy Groups (TD-1600.2600)
Homeless Shelter (BH-1800.8500)
Homeless Shelter Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.3100)
Homeless Transportation Programs (BT-4500.6500-310)
Residences for People With Chronic Substance Use Disorders (RX-8470.7000)
Street Outreach Programs (PH-8000)
Street Outreach Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.8030)
Transitional Housing/Shelter (BH-8600)
Transitional Residential Substance Use Disorder Services (RX-8500)
External Classification Terms Homeless Centers (NTE P85)
Housing (AIRS HO-300)
Housing (CAN HO-300)
Living Situation (ACH A-01)
Services for Homeless (NPC P11.04)
Related Concepts Community Care Facilities/Arrangements
Developmental Disabilities
Organization/Facility Type
Physical Disabilities
Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References "Permanent Supportive Housing: A Proven Solution to Homelessness", by Ann O'Hara, Opening Doors: A Housing Publication for the Disability Community, January, 2003, Issue 20, http://www.c-c-d.org/od-Jan03.htm#The Solution

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