Term Senior Housing Information and Referral
Code BH-8500.8000
Definition Programs that maintain information about retirement residences, residential care facilities and nursing homes, and link older adults who are looking for alternative living options with appropriate independent or supervised living resources.
Created 1/8/98
Changed 11/29/16
Use References Assisted Living Referrals
Assistive Living Referrals
Older Adult Housing Information and Referral
Senior Board and Care Placement
Senior Housing Placement Services
Senior Housing Search Assistance
See Also References Aging and Disability Resource Centers (LH-0350)
Elderly/Disabled Home Rental Listings (BH-3900.3050-180)
Gerontology Research (TR-8000.2450)
Housing Search Assistance (BH-3900.3100)
Long Term Care Options Counseling (LH-4600)
Specialized Information and Referral (TJ-3000.8000)
External Classification Terms Housing (CAN HO-300)
Housing (USA HO-300)
Living Situation (ACH A-01)
Senior Citizens' Housing & Retirement Communities (NTE L22)
Senior Residential Facilities Programs (NPC P06.04)
Related Concepts Long Term Care
Older Adults
Facet Service
Bibliographic References

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