Term Automobiles
Code BM-0500
Definition Programs that pay for or provide new and/or second hand automobiles for individuals who qualify on the basis of income, age or disability. Also included are organizations that sell new or used automobiles at very low prices, refer people to automobile dealerships, provide money to help people whose cars have failed an emissions test to purchase a replacement vehicle or otherwise help people acquire an automobile.
Created 10/26/92
Changed 3/5/12
Use References Cars
Motor Vehicles
See Also References Adapted Vehicles (LH-0600.0100-100)
Air Pollution Control/Fuel Efficiency Incentives Programs (JD-6500.0500-020)
Auctions (PL-7700.2000-050)
Automobile Donation Programs (TI-1800.9000-050)
Automobile Insurance (DF-7000.0700)
Automobile Insurance Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.3350-050)
Automobile Insurance Payment Assistance (BT-8300.0850)
Automobile Loans (BT-8300.0870)
Automobile Payment Assistance (BT-8300.0900)
Automobile Repair Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1700.0500)
Automotive Repair and Maintenance (BM-7000.0500)
Basic Automobile Care Classes (PL-7400.1750-100)
Driver Licenses (DF-7000.1850)
Driver License Testing Sites (DF-7000.1840)
Motor Vehicle Registration (DF-7000.5500)
Motor Vehicle Titles (DF-7000.8350-500)
Transportation (BT)
External Classification Terms Clothing/Personal/Household Needs (AIRS CL-150)
Community Services (CAN CM-150)
Emergency Assistance (NPC P03)
Emergency Assistance (NTE P60)
Related Concepts Transportation/Travel
Facet Service
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