Term Park and Pool Facilities
Code BT-4500.4500-600
Definition Parking lots or parking garages where individuals can park their private vehicles and join a carpool or vanpool. Park-and-pool facilities are not normally served by public transportation.
Created 5/24/05
Changed 9/19/06
Use References Carpooling Facilities
Park and Pool Lots
See Also References Carpooling Safety (JR-8200.8500-140)
Employment Related Transportation (BT-4500.6500-255)
Park and Ride Facilities (BT-4500.4700-650)
External Classification Terms Earth Surface Transportation (UW
Public Transportation Systems (NTE W40)
Transportation (AIRS TR-850)
Transportation (CAN TR-850)
Transportation Systems (NPC W09.04)
Related Concepts Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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