Term Local Bicycle Transportation
Code BT-4500.4600
Definition Programs that provide services which support people's ability to use bicycles for local transportation purposes. Included are programs that provide community bikes that people can use when they are available or bicycles made available on a rental or free loan basis; Earn-A-Bike programs that provide refurbished, donated bicycles for youth who complete a course where they learn the basics of bike repair and maintenance, safe urban riding, health, and nutrition; bicycle buddy programs that encourage people who have never commuted by bicycle to try it; bicycle commuting education programs that provide route information and other tips for commuters; and bicycle commuter registries that connect people who want to ride their bicycles from outlying areas to city centers in the company of other commuters, often using off-road trails and bicycle lanes or routes that funnel traffic from outlying/suburban areas into the city center. Commuters meet at pre-agreed locations along these routes, often park-n-ride lots to begin their common commute.
Created 4/3/00
Changed 11/18/22
Use References Bicycle Commuter Buddy Programs
Bicycle Commuter Education Programs
Bicycle Commuter Registries
Bike Commuter Buddy Programs
Bike Commuter Education Programs
Bike Commuter Registries
Bike Share Programs
BikeShare Programs
Community Bicycles
Community Bikes
Earn A Bike Programs
Local Bike Transportation
See Also References Adapted Cycling Equipment (LH-0600.7000-040)
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Bike Trails (PL-6400.8500-090)
Cycling (PL-7000.3000)
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Do It Yourself Bicycle Repair Instruction (PL-7400.1750-180)
External Classification Terms Earth Surface Transportation (UW
Public Transportation Systems (NTE W40)
Transportation (ACH C-01)
Transportation (CAN TR-850)
Transportation (USA TR-850)
Transportation Systems (NPC W09.04)
Related Concepts Foster Care Transition Services
Facet Service
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