Term Indigent Transportation
Code BT-4500.6500-350
Definition Programs that provide door-to-door (or curb-to-curb) transportation for purposes of shopping, medical or welfare appointments, accessing services, recreational or social events, trips to and from the individual's place of employment, or other similar activities for very low-income people who otherwise would have no means of transportation.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 12/13/16
Use References Low Income Transportation
Transportation for Low Income Individuals
See Also References
External Classification Terms Earth Surface Transportation (UW
Free Transportation Assistance for Indigents (UW
Transportation (CAN TR-850)
Transportation (ACH C-01)
Transportation (AIRS TR-850)
Transportation Assistance (NTE P52)
Transportation Assistance (NPC P05.22)
Related Concepts Homelessness
U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Service
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