Term Utility Disconnection Notification
Code BV-8900.9200
Definition Programs that make arrangements to notify a designated friend, relative or other third party when a disconnection notice is issued in hopes that a reminder or assistance from the other person can help the individual avoid the disconnection.
Created 3/10/10
Changed 7/29/14
Use References Disconnection Notices
Disconnect Notices
See Also References Electric Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.1800-195)
Natural Gas Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.6000-620)
Water Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.9500-940)
External Classification Terms Emergency Assistance (NTE P60)
Temporary Financial Aid (NPC P03.05)
Utilities (ACH D-01)
Utility Assistance (AIRS UT-900)
Utility Assistance (CAN UT-900)
Related Concepts Financial Services/Benefits
Facet Service
Bibliographic References

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