Term Utility Disconnection Protection
Code BV-8900.9220
Definition Programs, generally funded through utility rates, that prohibit utility disconnections during severe weather for households with vulnerable members including people who are ill or elderly or have disabilities or other hardships. In some jurisdictions, low income individuals and families may qualify. Regulations vary from state to state , but generally specify high and/or low temperatures that trigger a disconnection ban (though some jurisdictions in the U.S. require a special order by the Public Utility Commission) and explicit eligibility criteria. In some areas, the regulations apply year-round to people with serious illnesses.
Created 1/5/11
Changed 7/29/14
Use References Electrical Disconnection Protection
Electricity Disconnection Protection
Electric Service Disconnection Protection
Gas Disconnection Protection
Phone Service Disconnection Protection
Seasonal Utility Disconnection Protection
Seasonal Utility Termination Protection
Seasonal/Year Round Utilities Disconnection Protection
Seasonal/Year Round Utility Disconnection Protection
Telephone Disconnection Protection
Telephone Service Disconnection Protection
Utility Related Emergency Medical Certificates
Utility Related Emergency Medical Certification Programs
Winter Reconnection Orders
Year Round Utility Disconnection Protection
See Also References Electric Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.1800-195)
Natural Gas Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.6000-620)
Water Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.9500-940)
External Classification Terms Emergency Assistance (NTE P60)
Temporary Financial Aid (NPC P03.05)
Utilities (ACH D-01)
Utility Assistance (AIRS UT-900)
Utility Assistance (CAN UT-900)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Financial Services/Benefits
Older Adults
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "Seasonal Termination Protection Regulations, LIHEAP Clearinghouse, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/Disconnect/SeasonalDisconnect.htm

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