Term Water Service Payment Assistance
Code BV-8900.9300-950
Definition Programs that pay all or a portion of the water service expenses of people whose water has been or is as risk of being shut off including any reconnection fees that may apply. Included are programs that provide assistance with combined water/sewer bills in communities where sewer payments are bundled with payments for water services. Water service payment assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.
Created 3/10/10
Changed 11/15/18
Use References Bundled Water/Sewer Service Payment Assistance
Financial Assistance for Water Service
Help With Bundled Water/Sewer Bills
Help With Water Bills
Water Bill Assistance
Water Bill Help
Water Bill Payment Assistance
Water Bill Payment Help
Water Service Expense Assistance
Water Service Reconnection Fee Payment Assistance
See Also References Plumbing Maintenance/Repair (PH-3300.2750-650)
Water Pipe Freeze Prevention Credits (BV-8900.9400)
Water Service Connection/Repair (BV-8950.9500)
Water Service Providers (BV-9000.9500)
Water Service Shutoff Suspension Programs (BV-8950.9500-940)
External Classification Terms Emergency Assistance (NTE P60)
Temporary Financial Aid (NPC P03.05)
Utilities (ACH D-01)
Utility Assistance (AIRS UT-900)
Utility Assistance (CAN UT-900)
Voluntary Financial Assistance (UW
Related Concepts Emergency and Crisis Services
Financial Services/Benefits
Foster Care Transition Services
Facet Service
Comments Use this term for programs that pay for water/sewer services. Use Utility Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance (BV-8900.9120) for programs that help people negotiate manageable payment plans when some resources are available for this purpose.
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