Term Internet Service Connection/Repair
Code BV-8950.3000
Definition Commercial organizations that are responsible for processing Internet connection orders; installing, maintaining and repairing necessary equipment; activating service; accepting and responding to reports of outages or other problems; and billing and collection.
Created 12/22/20
Changed 1/7/21
Use References Internet Service Equipment Repair
Internet Service Outages Response
Internet Service Repair
See Also References Internet Service Providers (BV-9000.3300)
Internet Service Provider Selection (TP-3350.3450-330)
External Classification Terms Public Utilities (NTE W80)
Utilities (ACH D-01)
Utility Assistance (CAN UT-900)
Utility Assistance (AIRS UT-900)
Utility Systems (NPC W09.05)
Related Concepts
Facet Service
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