Term Money Management
Code DM
Definition Programs that provide assistance for people who want to build personal wealth, obtain credit and use it responsibly, access their credit reports and correct erroneous information, pay their bills in an orderly way, reduce their debt burden and/or manage their financial resources more effectively. The objective of money management programs is to help individuals and families become more financially stable and achieve long-term economic independence.
Created 3/10/10
Changed 1/26/11
Use References Financial Counseling
Financial Literacy and Asset Building
See Also References Credit Card Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.1470-150)
Credit Card Loss Protection Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.1470-153)
Debt/Overspending Support Groups (PN-8100.0500-150)
Family Life Education (PH-6200.2000)
Financial Privacy Legislation Enforcement (DF-8000.6450-200)
Individual Development Accounts (TB-0700.2100-330)
Organizational Financial Planning Services (TP-2100.6000)
Overspender Counseling (RP-1400.8000-630)
Personal Finances/Tax Assistance Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.6600)
Unsolicited Credit Offer Opt Out Assistance (DD-1200.9000-900)
External Classification Terms Financial (ACH F-01)
Financial Counseling (NPC P05.15)
Financial Counseling (NTE P51)
Income Support/Assistance (AIRS IC-330)
Income Support/Financial Assistance (CAN IC-330)
Related Concepts Financial Services/Benefits
Facet Service
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