Term Courts
Code FC
Definition Federal and state judicial bodies whose function is to resolve disputes and dispense justice according to the principles of law and equity. Court processes involve interpreting the laws; presiding over encounters between the prosecution and defense in criminal matters and plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters; examining evidence and the credibility of witnesses; instructing juries; and determining liability and damages in civil matters and guilt or acquittal and sentencing in criminal matters. Courts also have the power to grant restraining orders, injunctions or other restrictions in appropriate circumstances.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 1/9/08
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See Also References Court Records (DF-7000.1550)
Criminal and Civil Fine Collection Offices (FJ-1715)
Immigration Courts (FT-3500.3000)
Judicial Services (FJ)
External Classification Terms Administration & Justice (NPC I03.02)
Administration of Justice (NTE I50)
Civil Law Enforcement (UW
Criminal Law Enforcement (UW
Dispensation of Justice and Resolution of Disputes (UW
Law Enforcement (UW
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
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Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References The Louisville Taxonomy: A Service Identification System, Human Services Coordination Alliance (HSCA), Louisville, Kentucky, 1981.

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