Term Internet Crime Complaint Center
Code FL-3200
Definition A center, also known as IC3, that provides a convenient and easy-to-use mechanism which allows the public to submit information to the FBI concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity. IC3's purpose is to serve as a central hub to receive, develop and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding occurrences of Internet crime. The center develops leads and notifies law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, local and international level as appropriate. It accepts complaints crossing the spectrum of cybercrime matters including online fraud in its many forms, intellectual property rights violations, computer intrusions/hacking, theft of trade secrets, online extortion, international money laundering, identity theft and a growing list of other related crimes.
Created 11/8/18
Changed 11/8/18
Use References IC3
See Also References Cybercrime Prevention (FN-1500.1750)
Cybercrime Reporting (FN-1700.1530)
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (TP-3350.3450-140)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FL-2000)
Internet Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.1470-330)
Internet Safety Education (JR-8200.3400)
External Classification Terms Criminal Law Enforcement (UW
Law Enforcement (UW
Law Enforcement (NTE I60)
Law Enforcement Agencies (NPC I04)
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
Related Concepts U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)", https://www.ic3.gov/about/default.aspx

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