Term Automobile Theft Prevention
Code FN-1500.0500
Definition Programs that help people who own and drive automobiles protect themselves from auto theft or carjacking by suggesting measures which discourage the individuals who are perpetrating these crimes. Educational materials may address what to consider when selecting a place to park, how to behave when entering or leaving a vehicle or driving on city roads or highways, how to be alert when stopped at a light, what to do if confronted by a carjacker, what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle and how to evaluate various anti-theft devices. Also included are programs initiated by law enforcement which make it easier for police officers to conduct an investigative stop of a vehicle under suspicious circumstances. The program enables residents who rarely drive their automobile late at night to register their vehicle with the police and to obtain a decal which, in effect, gives the police their permission to stop the vehicle if it is being driven during prescribed hours.
Created 7/28/99
Changed 1/25/07
Use References Auto Theft Prevention
Car Theft Prevention
Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention
See Also References Automobile Insurance Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.3350-050)
Basic Automobile Care Classes (PL-7400.1750-100)
Stolen Automobile Reporting (FN-1700.8000)
Vehicle Theft Prevention Devices (FN-1500.1700-900)
External Classification Terms Community Crime Prevention (NPC I02.03)
Crime Prevention (UW
Crime Prevention (NTE I20)
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
Related Concepts Transportation/Travel
Facet Service
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