Term Child Advocacy Centers
Code FT-3000.1450
Definition Programs that operate centers which facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation and treatment of child abuse cases. Services generally include videotaped interviews of child abuse victims in safe, child-friendly surroundings to avoid multiple interviews, reduce the trauma of disclosure and preserve statements for court purposes; crisis intervention and emotional support for victims and non-offending family members; forensic medical examinations; psychotherapy services including play therapy, family therapy and individual counseling for parents; support groups; case management; and interdisciplinary review of cases by teams of professionals including law enforcement, children's protective services, prosecution, medical, mental health, victim assistance, and child advocacy personnel.
Created 9/20/06
Changed 3/16/11
Use References CACs
Children's Advocacy Centers
See Also References Child Abuse Counseling (RP-1400.8000-020.15)
Child Abuse Hotlines (RP-1500.1400-150)
Child Abuse Medical Evaluations (LF-7000.1550)
Child Abuse Prevention (FN-1500.1900-150)
Child Abuse Protective/Restraining Orders (FT-6940.1500)
Child Abuse Support Groups (PN-8100.0200-100)
Child Abuse Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.0200-150)
Children's Protective Services (PH-6500.1500)
Children's Rights Groups (TD-1600.3100-140)
Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting (FN-1700.1300)
Family Group Conferencing (PH-2360.2300)
External Classification Terms Child Abuse Counseling (NPC F06.02.02)
Child Abuse Prevention (NTE I72)
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Child Abuse
Children and Youth
Early Childhood Programs/Services
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References “What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?”, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia website, http://www.cacga.org/what.php

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