Term Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services
Code FT-3000.1750
Definition Programs that provide information and guidance and/or representation in court proceedings for individuals who have been abused in an intimate relationship and/or for people who are facing a summary conviction offence or criminal charge for perpetrating abuse. Included are domestic violence law clinics and other legal assistance programs that represent victims of domestic abuse at restraining order hearings or in other civil or criminal actions involving charges against an abuser. Most also represent the person's interests in complexities that arise as part of the legal process such as restitution, payment of debts or child support, custody and visitation and property control. Some programs may also represent victims of domestic abuse who have been charged with a crime and/or handle cases involving accusations of child abuse filed by one parent against the other, abuse of an elderly person by an adult child or abuse of an adult child by a parent.
Created 9/8/05
Changed 12/15/16
Use References Child Abuse Legal Services
Domestic Abuse Attorney Services
Domestic Abuse Lawyer Services
Domestic Abuse Legal Clinics
Domestic Violence Attorney Services
Domestic Violence Lawyer Services
Domestic Violence Legal Clinics
Elder Abuse Legal Services
Intimate Partner Abuse Legal Services
Intimate Partner/Family Violence Legal Service
Intimate Partner Violence Legal Services
Legal Assistance for Abused Men
Legal Assistance for Abused Women
Legal Assistance for People Experiencing Domestic Abuse
Legal Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse
See Also References Abuse Counseling (RP-1400.8000-020)
Domestic Violence Hotlines (RP-1500.1400-200)
Domestic Violence Motel Vouchers (BH-1800.1500-080)
Domestic Violence Shelters (BH-1800.1500-100)
Domestic Violence Support Groups (PN-8100.0200-180)
Domestic Violence Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.0200-200)
Family Justice Centers (FT-3000.1900)
Family Violence Prevention (FN-1500.1900)
Hospital Based Domestic Violence Programs (LT-1750.3050)
Hospital Safe Rooms (BH-1800.1500-300)
Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Counseling (RP-1400.8000-020.80)
External Classification Terms Legal Aid-Civil (UW
Legal Aid-Criminal (UW
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
Legal Services (NTE I80)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Specialized Law Practice Areas (NPC I06)
Related Concepts Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Older Adults
Facet Service
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