Term Preschools
Code HD-1800.6500
Definition Programs that provide educational experiences and activities for children who are younger than compulsory school age, supplement parental care and home play and stimulate intellectual, social, emotional and motor skills development. Activities generally include preacademic skill development such as shape, color and number recognition; active outdoor play; observation of nature and pets; dancing and rhythms; block building; playhouse activities; games; simple excursions outside the school; stories and picture books. Children are also given a nutritious snack and/or meal and a period for adequate rest, and are taught basic cleanliness and good health habits.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 2/21/12
Use References Nursery Schools
Pre-K Education
Pre-K Schools
See Also References Child Care Providers (PH-1250)
Head Start (HD-1800.3000)
Preschool Accreditation (DF-4500.8000-630)
Preschool Referral Programs (HL-2500.6300)
School Readiness Programs (HD-1800.8000)
Tiny Tots (PL-7400.8500)
External Classification Terms Early Childhood Education (NPC B03.02)
Early School Admissions (UW
Education (CAN ED-170)
Education (USA ED-170)
Preschools (NTE B21)
Related Concepts Children and Youth
Early Childhood Programs/Services
Foster Care Transition Services
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Facet Organization/Facility Type
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