Term Adult Education
Code HH-0500
Definition Programs, usually offered by community adult schools or evening classes at local high schools, that provide instruction in fundamental learning skills for adults who have never attended school or have interrupted formal schooling and need to raise their level of education to increase their self-confidence and/or prepare for an occupation. Emphasis is placed on basic reading, language and mathematics.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 8/22/06
Use References
See Also References Community Adult Schools (HD-6000.1400)
Regional Occupational Centers (HH-9000.7000)
Vocational Centers (HH-9000.8750)
External Classification Terms Adult Education (UW
Adult Education (NPC B04.02)
Adult Education (NTE B60)
Education (ACH I-01)
Education (CAN ED-170)
Education (USA ED-170)
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