Term Lifelong Learning Programs
Code HH-0500.1600-450
Definition Community-based educational programs designed for adults who commute and take courses on a semester basis. Lifelong learning classes are sponsored by Institutes for Learning in Retirement (ILRs). Most ILRs are sponsored by a college or university and offer non-credit academic programs with no attached Continuing Education Credits. A lifelong learning program is structured like a typical college program with regular semesters and often homework. While some lifelong learning programs are restricted to seniors, others are open to adults of any age.
Created 10/21/99
Changed 2/27/12
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See Also References Elderhostel Programs (PL-8700.8000-180)
External Classification Terms Adult Education (UW
Adult Education (NPC B04.02)
Adult Education (NTE B60)
Education (AIRS ED-170)
Education (ACH I-01)
Education (CAN ED-170)
Related Concepts Older Adults
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