Term Special Education
Code HH-8000
Definition Programs that provide educational services including special placement and individualized programming, instruction and/or support services for exceptional children, youth and/or adults, including those who have hearing impairments, visual impairments, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and/or other developmental disabilities, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities or speech or language impairments and who need appropriately modified curricula, teaching methodologies and instructional materials in order to learn. Services may include the development, in partnership with the child's parents, of an individualized educational plan to meet the child's needs and the implementation and review at least annually of each child's plan to determine progress and future needs.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 11/21/12
Use References Designated Instruction and Services
Handicapped Education
Special Needs Education
See Also References Braille Instruction (LR-1000)
Conductive Education (LR-1580)
Educational Therapy (HL-2500.1800)
Functional Behavioral Assessment (HL-2000.2050)
Gifted Education (HH-2500)
IDEA Implementation Assistance (TP-4000.3250-330)
Independent Living Skills Instruction (LR-3200)
Orientation and Mobility Training (LR-6400)
Parent/Family Involvement in Education (HL-3010.6500)
Pediatric Occupational Therapy (LR-6200.6500)
Physical Therapy (LR-6600)
Self Help Instruction (LR-7800)
Special Education Advocacy (FT-8000.8000)
Special Education Assessment (HL-2000.8000)
Speech and Hearing (LR-8000)
Student Disability Services (HL-8120.7980)
Supported Employment (ND-6500.8120)
Vocational Education (HH-9000)
External Classification Terms Education (CAN ED-170)
Education (AIRS ED-170)
Special Education (NTE B28)
Special Education (NPC B04.20)
Special Education for Socially/Economically Disadvantaged (UW
Special Education for the Developmentally Disabled (UW
Special Education for the Emotionally Disturbed (UW
Special Education for the Linguistically/Culturally Handicap (UW
Special Education-Physical/Sensory/Health Handicaps (UW
Related Concepts Children and Youth
Facet Service
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