Term Educational Testing
Code HL-2000
Definition Programs within the formal education system or offered by outside agencies which utilize a variety of instruments to gather information about an individual's abilities, skills, understanding, knowledge, achievement, or educational, psychological or medical difficulties for the purpose of screening and selecting individuals for admission to an educational institution or program or for developing a plan of individualized instruction to help students who have exceptional needs overcome their learning problems.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 5/11/05
Use References Academic Assessment
Assessment of Learning Capabilities
Educational Assessment
See Also References Psychological Testing (RP-5000.6500)
Test Preparation (HL-8500)
Test Proctoring (HL-8550)
Vocational Assessment (ND-2000.9000)
External Classification Terms Education (CAN ED-170)
Education (USA ED-170)
Educational Support (NTE B90)
Educational Testing (NPC B04.07)
Related Concepts Children and Youth
Facet Service
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