Term Tutoring Services
Code HL-8700
Definition Programs that provide supplemental instruction for students who are having difficulty with their coursework or who want to get more out of their regular educational program.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 3/16/05
Use References Tutorial Services
See Also References Educational Therapy (HL-2500.1800)
Family Based Services (PH-2360)
Foster Grandparent Program (ND-9200.8000-200)
Remedial Education (HH-7000)
Tutoring Registries (HL-8695)
Tutoring Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2000.8500)
Youth Enrichment Programs (PS-9800.9900)
Youth Literacy Programs (HH-4500.9500)
External Classification Terms Education (CAN ED-170)
Education (USA ED-170)
Educational Support (NTE B90)
Tutorial Programs (NPC B04.22)
Related Concepts After School Programs
Children and Youth
Foster Care Transition Services
Facet Service
Bibliographic References

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