Term Communicable Disease Test Results Reporting
Code JP-1500.1490
Definition Public health programs that collect test results of communicable diseases. Depending on the jurisdiction, physicians, hospital administrators, superintendents of institutions, school principals, and laboratory operators may be legally required to disclose every case of reportable diseases designated by public health authorities. Included are programs that collect the results of self-testing kits from members of the public and, depending on the type of disease and the local context, users may be obligated or not to report positive and/or negative results.
Created 6/16/22
Changed 10/25/22
Use References Communicable Disease Reporting
Contagious Disease Reporting
Infectious Disease Reporting
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External Classification Terms Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (USA HC-300)
Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases (UW
Public Health (NPC E11)
Public Health (NTE E70)
Related Concepts Evaluation/Testing/Diagnosis/Assessment
Facet Service
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