Term Health Care
Code L
Definition Programs whose primary purpose is to help individuals and families achieve and maintain physical well-being through the study, prevention, screening, evaluation and treatment of people who have illnesses, injuries or disabilities; and the provision of family planning, maternity and other services that relate to human reproduction and sexual health.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 3/9/10
Use References Healthcare
Health Services
Physical Health Care
See Also References Disaster Related Health Care Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1900.1560)
Epidemiology Research (TR-1000.2000)
Federal Health/Medical ESF (TH-1500.1800-300)
Health/Disabilities Related Volunteer Opportunities (PX-3000)
Health Law (FT-3250)
Health Statistics (TJ-8000.3000)
International Health Programs (TL-3300.3650)
Medical Museums (TA-5500.5250)
Medical Records (DF-7000.5100)
Medical Reserve Corps (TH-1700.1910-150.50)
Medical Schools (HD-6000.6200-450)
Public Health (JP)
Student Health Programs (HL-8120.8030)
Voluntary Health Organizations (TD-1200.6600-900)
External Classification Terms Health Care (NPC E)
Health Care (NTE E)
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Facet Service
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