Term Activities of Daily Living Assessment
Code LF-0100
Definition Programs that evaluate an individual's capacity for self-care and his or her ability to function independently in the context of everyday living and which, where necessary, may recommend rehabilitative services (e.g., independent living skills instruction), supportive services (e.g., attendant care, personal care or home health care), or an alternative residential setting (e.g., an assisted living center or nursing facility). Activities of daily living include bathing, eating, dressing, mobility, transferring from bed to chair and using the toilet. Most assessments also include instrumental activities of daily living such as using the telephone, taking medication, money management, housework, meal preparation, laundry and grocery shopping. Evaluation services are generally provided for individuals who have physical and/or mental limitations or for people whose age may constitute a temporary (children) or developing (elderly) limitation.
Created 10/25/93
Changed 11/4/09
Use References ADL Assessment
Capacity Assessment
IADL Assessment
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Assessment
Nursing Home Placement Assessment
Personal Care Assessment
Preadmission Screening
See Also References Geriatric Assessment (LF-4900.2050)
Physical/Occupational Therapy Aids (LH-5000.6600)
External Classification Terms Ambulatory & Primary Health Care (NTE E30)
Disability (ACH M-01)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Health Diagnostic, Intervention & Treatment (NPC E07)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Long Term Care
Older Adults
Facet Service
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