Term Adapted Cycling Equipment
Code LH-0600.7000-040
Definition Programs that pay for or provide bicycles that have been modified for use by people with disabilities. Also included are programs that provide seat belts, leg braces, back supports, pedal risers, heel straps and other specialized equipment that can be installed at home; and/or adaptation services for individuals who currently own a bicycle.
Created 6/19/12
Changed 7/10/12
Use References Adapted Bicycles
Adaptive Cycling Equipment
Bicycle Adaptations
See Also References Adapted Exercise Equipment (LH-0600.7000-050)
Bicycle Donation Programs (TI-1800.9000-080)
Bicycle Lane Development/Maintenance (TE-8000.8200-100)
Bicycle Lockers/Racks (TE-7900.0700)
Bicycle Museums (TA-5500.9000-100)
Bicycle Permits (DF-7000.1150)
Bicycle Recycling (TE-8920.6600-105)
Bicycle Repair (BM-7000.1000)
Bicycle Safety Education (JR-8200.8500-100)
Bicycle Theft Prevention (FN-1500.0700)
Bicycle Theft Reporting (FN-1700.1050)
Bicycle Tours (PL-7600.1000)
Bike Trails (PL-6400.8500-090)
Cycling (PL-7000.3000)
Cycling Competitions (PL-8000.1600)
Cycling Equipment (PL-7200.8000-150)
Do It Yourself Bicycle Repair Instruction (PL-7400.1750-180)
Local Bicycle Transportation (BT-4500.4600)
External Classification Terms Assistive Technology Equipment Provision (NPC E08.02)
Biomedicine & Bioengineering (NTE G92)
Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations (NTE P80)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Related Concepts Disabilities
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