Term Medicaid Planning
Code LH-4000.5000
Definition Programs that provide information for people who need to understand the options that are legally available to help them protect the assets of a spouse or child with a disability when a family member has a catastrophic illness and needs to have access to Medicaid to meet the expenses. Planning techniques may include spending down assets (e.g. purchasing an automobile or paying off the mortgage on a home), paying family members to provide care for the individual, separating a couple's assets to ensure that the healthy spouse does not become impoverished, transferring assets within legal timeframes, establishing joint tenancy accounts, purchasing annuities and other similar actions.
Created 1/27/97
Changed 10/27/15
Use References BadgerCare Planning
Medi-Cal Planning
Title 19 Planning
Title XIX Planning
See Also References Medicaid (NL-5000.5000)
Medicaid Information/Counseling (LH-3500.4900)
External Classification Terms Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Medical Expense Assistance (NPC E08.07)
Patient & Family Support (NTE E86)
Related Concepts Financial Services/Benefits
Long Term Care
Named Programs
U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Named Programs
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