Term Pressure Reduction Mattresses/Beds
Code LH-5000.6700
Definition Programs that pay for or provide mattresses, mattress overlays, specialized beds or other pressure reducing support surfaces that are designed to prevent pressure sores in individuals have limited or no mobility and are confined to a bed for most or all of a day, and encourage the healing process in people who have burns, extensive skin lesions or fresh surgical wounds. Included are alternating pressure, low air loss and powered flotation mattresses and mattress overlays, and air fluidized beds (also called static high-air-loss beds) which use warm air under pressure to set small ceramic beads in motion simulating the movement of fluid. The beds ensure that the patient’s weight is evenly distributed over a large surface area and creates the sensation of floating.
Created 9/29/09
Changed 5/4/10
Use References Air Flow Mattresses
Air Fluidized Beds
Alternating Pressure Mattresses
Bed Sore Prevention Mattresses
Clinitron Beds
Low Air Loss Mattresses
Powered Flotation Mattresses
Pressure Reduction Overlays
Therapy Beds
Therapy Mattresses
Wound Care Mattresses
See Also References Hospital Bed Donation Programs (TI-1800.5000-350)
Hospital Beds (LH-5000.3200)
Mattress Recycling Centers (TE-8920.6600-490)
External Classification Terms Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Health Care Equipment & Supplies Provision (NPC E08.03)
Health Support (NTE E60)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "Bed or Mattress, Pressure Reducing (Including Air-Fluidized Bed), Chapter: Durable Medical Equipment", Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana website, http://mt1-bcbs.bcbsmt.com/bsd/MedicalPolicy.nsf/34a57e6684f1c47f87256cb5007697e4/8015b3038c7f958c872572ce00514ac7?OpenDocument

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