Term Child/Adolescent Health Centers
Code LN-1480
Definition Outpatient health care facilities that provide comprehensive primary care services for children and youth typically living in a designated geographical area. Outpatient appointments are generally available for infants, children and adolescents age 18-21. Services usually include preventive care including immunizations, pre-participation health and sports physicals and development checks, acute visits when a child is ill, hearing and vision screening, nutritional counseling, screening tests and other necessary laboratory testing, and often co-located mental health services including consultations with behavioral health and psychiatry specialists. Specialized providers and clinics may also be available for breastfeeding, obesity, headaches, asthma and other conditions. Some specialty centers offer subspecialty care, outpatient surgery, imaging, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.
Created 4/1/21
Changed 4/27/21
Use References Child/Youth Health Centers
Health Centers for Children/Adolescents
See Also References Adolescent Health Transition Programs (LH-6300.0230)
Childhood Immunization (LT-3400.1500)
Children's Hospitals (LL-3000.1450)
Children's Medical Day Care (PH-1250.1650)
Pediatric Evaluation (LF-7000)
Pediatric Feeding Disorders Programs (LT-1750.6350)
Pediatric Home Nursing (LT-2800.3100-600)
Pediatric Intensive Care (LD-3300.6500)
Pediatric Occupational Therapy (LR-6200.6500)
Pediatrics (LV-6800)
External Classification Terms Ambulatory & Primary Health Care (NPC E09.02)
Ambulatory & Primary Health Care (NTE E30)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (USA HC-300)
Outpatient Medical Care (UW
Related Concepts Children and Youth
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "The Child Health Clinic", Children's Hospital, Colorado, https://www.childrenscolorado.org/doctors-and-departments/departments/primary-care/child-health-clinic/

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