Term Job Training Formats
Code ND-2000.3500
Definition Programs that offer apprenticeships, training through business practice firms, classroom training, internships, on-the-job training, work experience or other formats for training that prepares people for specific types of employment. The training may feature formal instruction in an institutional classroom setting, hands-on experience at a job site under varying arrangements or a combination of the two as the means by which trainees acquire the skills required to perform the job.
Created 3/25/92
Changed 12/18/14
Use References Employment Training Formats
Job Preparation Formats
Job Training Delivery Modes
Job Training Methods
Job Training Methods Formats
Job Training Modalities
Job Training Settings
Manpower Training Formats
Occupational Training Formats
Vocational Training Formats
Workforce Development Formats
Workforce Training Formats
Work Training Formats
See Also References Job Training Resource Lists (ND-2000.3510)
External Classification Terms Employment (AIRS EM-180)
Employment (CAN EM-180)
Employment (ACH G-01)
Job Training (UW
Job Training (NTE J22)
Job Training & Employment (NPC J02)
Related Concepts Labor and Employment
Modality/Delivery Format
Facet Modality/Delivery Format
Comments Use terms in this section for job training programs that have a particular format. Job training format terms can be used as modalities for Occupation Specific Job Training a target term from the Occupations (YO) section can be added to indicate the specific occupational focus.
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