Term On the Job Training
Code ND-2000.3500-630
Definition Programs that identify public or private sector employers that are willing to take on trainees who learn to perform the tasks that are associated with their position at the work site using the actual tools, equipment, documents and materials that they will use when fully trained. OJT trainees work under the supervision of skilled employees who serve as instructors following a training plan established by the employee, the employer and an external agency, if matching wages are being paid by that agency; and are engaged in productive work and earn a wage as they are trained. Employers may be offered cash training reimbursements (subsidized wages) or other incentives to hire difficult-to-employ individuals and are generally expected to hire the trainees upon successful completion of the training.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 5/4/10
Use References OJT
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External Classification Terms Employment (AIRS EM-180)
Employment (CAN EM-180)
Employment (ACH G-01)
Job Training (NTE J22)
Job Training & Employment (NPC J02)
On-the-Job Training (UW
Related Concepts Labor and Employment
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Facet Modality/Delivery Format
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