Term Work Experience
Code ND-2000.3500-950
Definition Programs that place people in actual employment situations in order to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their competence and skills, gain practical experience in a field for which they have been trained and/or develop new skills that will be beneficial with respect to future employment opportunities. People are placed on a short-term basis and, if remuneration is involved, are paid by the sponsoring agency rather than by the employer or through a cost-sharing arrangement.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 2/19/09
Use References
See Also References Business Practice Firms (ND-2000.3500-100)
External Classification Terms Employment (AIRS EM-180)
Employment (CAN EM-180)
Employment (ACH G-01)
Job Training (UW
Job Training (NTE J22)
Job Training & Employment (NPC J02)
Related Concepts Labor and Employment
Modality/Delivery Format
Facet Modality/Delivery Format
Bibliographic References The Louisville Taxonomy: A Service Identification System, Human Services Coordination Alliance (HSCA), Louisville, Kentucky, 1981.

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