Term Special Needs Job Development
Code ND-3400.8000
Definition Programs that seek out and create job opportunities in various fields for individuals with special needs, limitations and abilities. Activities may include development of jobs that can be done in a home setting; development of markets for crafts and other items produced in the home; and identification of other work projects of benefit to the community that individuals with special needs, limitations and abilities are uniquely qualified to pursue.
Created 10/26/93
Changed 4/8/09
Use References Special Employment Development
Special Job Development
Special Needs Employment Development
See Also References Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs (ND-6500.1500)
Disability Related Center Based Employment (ND-6500.1800)
Prevocational Training (ND-2000.6600)
Supported Employment (ND-6500.8120)
Vocational Rehabilitation (ND-9000)
External Classification Terms Employment (CAN EM-180)
Employment (USA EM-180)
Employment Preparation & Procurement (NTE J20)
Job Training & Employment (NPC J02)
Related Concepts Developmental Disabilities
Labor and Employment
Physical Disabilities
Facet Service
Bibliographic References Human Services Information System: Dictionary of Service/Program Definitions, Pennsylvania Services Integration Consortium, Lancaster County, PA, January, 1982.

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