Term Skills Exchanges/Cooperatives
Code ND-6400
Definition Programs that maintain lists of community residents who have specific abilities or talents such as cooking, gardening, sewing or home repair and who are willing to provide targeted services in exchange for services offered by other residents. No payment by either person is usually involved.
Created 12/7/10
Changed 5/31/16
Use References Skills Bartering Programs
Trade Exchanges
See Also References Goods for Services Exchange Programs (TI-5000.2500)
Local Currency Systems (TB-4500)
Specialized Information and Referral (TJ-3000.8000)
External Classification Terms Individual, Family and Community Support (USA IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Job Training (NTE J22)
Job Training & Employment (NPC J02)
Related Concepts Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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