Term Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs
Code ND-6500.1500
Definition Programs broadly available to individuals with disabilities in general (rather than focusing on special groups within the disability population) that provide vocational assessment, job development, job training, job placement, specialized job situations and/or other supportive services that help people with disabilities prepare for, find and retain paid employment.
Created 4/16/09
Changed 4/16/09
Use References
See Also References Disability Related Center Based Employment (ND-6500.1800)
Prevocational Training (ND-2000.6600)
Special Needs Job Development (ND-3400.8000)
Supported Employment (ND-6500.8120)
Vocational Rehabilitation (ND-9000)
External Classification Terms Employment (CAN EM-180)
Employment (ACH G-01)
Employment (USA EM-180)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Labor and Employment
Facet Service
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