Term Special Circumstances
Code NL-1000.8000
Definition A county-administered program for SSI recipients only that provides financial assistance within prescribed limits for essential home repairs; a move that is necessitated by an eviction or the renter's health problems; the repair (or replacement if unrepairable) of a stove or refrigerator; the purchase or repair of an air conditioner, washer or dryer that is essential to the individual's health; or the modification of a home or apartment to make it barrier-free.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 12/1/05
Use References
See Also References At Risk/Homeless Housing Related Assistance Programs (BH-0500)
Disaster Related Commodity Replacement/Rental (TH-2900.1790)
Home Barrier Evaluation/Removal Services (BH-3000.3500)
Home Rehabilitation Grants (BH-3000.3550-350)
Moving Expense Assistance (BH-3800.5150)
Rental Deposit Assistance (BH-3800.7250)
External Classification Terms Emergency Welfare Assistance (UW
Financial (ACH F-01)
Government & Public Administration (NTE W20)
Income Support/Assistance (AIRS IC-330)
Income Support/Financial Assistance (CAN IC-330)
Public Assistance (NPC W08.03)
Related Concepts Emergency and Crisis Services
Ex-Offender/Reentry Services
Financial Services/Benefits
Named Programs
U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Named Programs
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