Term Service Dog Training Instruction for Owners
Code PD-6250.0750-780
Definition Programs that provide training instructions for dog owners who want to train their own animals to become autism service dogs, dog guides, mobility assistance service dogs, psychiatric service dogs, seizure dogs, signal dogs or service animals that provide assistance for people with other types of disabilities. Also included are programs that provide training instructions for working with other types of animals.
Created 9/25/18
Changed 9/25/18
Use References Service Animal Training Instruction for Owners
See Also References Service Animal Purchase Assistance (LR-7940)
Service Animals (LR-7950)
External Classification Terms Animal Training (NTE D61)
Animal Training (NPC D02.03)
Community Services (CAN CM-150)
Individual, Family and Community Support (USA IF-330)
Related Concepts Animals
Blindness/Visual Impairments
Deafness/Hearing Impairments
Developmental Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Facet Service
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